The Design Process

Part One: The Initial Consultation

We begin the design process with an initial consultation, preferably held at the client's home or place of business, where the project will be occurring. The initial consult could also take place at our design studio, if that is best for certain projects, such as new construction or a vacation home.

When we first visit with you, it is important to us to get to know you as much as possible to understand your preferences, desired outcomes, time frame, and budget. While talking about the project at hand, we will address how you intend to use the space and discuss functionality as well as aesthetics. We are happy to walk with you through your entire home or business, or only cover the areas where the current project will take place.  We will inquire as to what parts of the project you would like us to work on as priority for our next meeting, and we are very open to discussing the approximate hours of design time each aspect of the project will require, if that is of importance to you.

There is absolutely no obligation to Majestic after the initial consultation to continue using our services if you so choose to take on the project as a "do- it - yourself" !  We completely respect that some clients take a hands off, "I don't have time" or "I don't know how to pull this together" approach, while others enjoy the challenge  of searching out the perfect solutions for their individual projects.

We charge a flat fee for the initial consultation because we want the take our time in getting to know you and also relieve any notion that "the clock is ticking" on our time with you. The initial consult will usually take between 1-2 hours.


Part Two: The Presentation of Selections

This meeting can take place either at the project location or in our design studio. If we have a multitude of materials to show you, most of the time it is best to meet at Majestic so we can lay all of the options out for you ahead of time. This meeting is an important part of the process because we will have pulled together options for you that we believe fit into our style and taste from the information we received from you at the initial consultation. Especially at this time, we appreciate your honest feedback and reactions to ideas we suggest, as this is the second step of how we learn your preferences by process of elimination of the options we present. We try our very best to get it right the first time, but sometimes we need to revisit some of the selections and tweak our product suggestions to come closer to your desired outcome. We strongly feel that the absolute best projects come front the unique collaboration between us and each client. The project will only improve as we share our passions and brainstorm ideas to eventually create something that has not existed before; something unique to you.


Part Three: Project Estimates

Once selections are made, we will provide you with detailed estimates of project costs. We line item individual products so you can see exactly what costs are, and you can decide what items you would like to proceed with and decide if there are any items that you would like to hold off on, or have us provide alternative options for you. Upon acceptance of the estimates, we request a 75% deposit to start the ordering process.


Part Four:  Project Implementation

This is another area that we defer to you and your decision on how  you would like to proceed with the project. We have quite a few reliable professionals that we are happy to refer and work with in any capacity for your projects, such as general contractors, electricians, plumbers, wall covering installers, flooring installers, painters and more.  Or, if you have your own professionals that you prefer to work with , we can assist in any way as needed, or if you simply want to do the work yourself, go for it !


The Design Process:  It's a Journey

Our sincere hope is that you will enjoy this experience as much as we do. We want you to love the space you live or work in. We thank you ahead of time for considering our services and we appreciate your understanding that this process does not always look like and HGTV "Weekend Warrior" television show... It takes just a little bit longer than that to ensure we have done our very best to deliver conscientious, personalized service to help you create the spaces that you can celebrate life in. Thank you for your confidence in us, and we look forward to working with you!


~ The Majestic Interior Design Team